Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday I did a cute little OshKosh grey sweater. I got it from Target and it's still in stock- still current lineup. Great deal. Just some Boden jeans with it.The sweater is cut well and he can move well (a nice undershirt does not hurt!)

Tuesday I just did jeans and a tee. I forgot his coat in my husband's car so it was a ordeal. I had another hoodie and a lighter fleece on him too for playtime outside- so he was kind of the Michelin kid yesterday.

Today I kind of went all out. Khakis from Old Navy (these kind of run small!) and a plaid shirt from Carters. Over that a fleece vest because it is oddly supposed to be kind of warm here today. I wanted to layer so he could take off things as he warmed up.

Tomorrow I am going to break out the Cherokee jeans. They are pretty great actually- and the price is very right. Matching that will be his Wild man Records shirt from Cherokee/Target. Of course red chucks have to go with that.

Friday will be his Gap sweatshirt with some nice pants that are warm. It is supposed to snow on Friday. We can't have great weather too long of course. He will probably have to break out his Bogs. He is not a fan of anything like that- but snow on the ground will leave us few choices.

He's been having to wear his Stride Rite shoes often due to the ankle injury. He is fine but I want to make sure he has great support. I was kind of out of love with that brand overall to be quite honest. Their quality is really amazing but their pricing really sucks.

Accessories are keeping his whole look still in the sweet little one category. And his darling face! He's precious. I feel like as we get out of the Carters sets and start getting into the separates full time- he's kind of looking just like a little boy. (He's 3- why is this a newsflash to me?!) I am using them to keep these looks a bit younger. So fun hats and mittens are key right now. And seriously fun socks - that is just my joy!

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