Monday, December 30, 2013

Week of Clothing Christmas!

Week of Clothing Christmas!

Christmas was a whirlwind. I wanted to keep everything pretty basic so it was easy to pack. And I wanted to keep things pretty color coordinated so I could grab something easily each day for Sammy to wear. I focused on brighter outfits on days that we would be photographed more heavily. 
Monday I knew we'd be seeing family so I wanted to give Sammy something cute and soft. I wanted to layer so if he was running around and became warm, I could remove some clothing and still have a fun shirt. We used the same pair of shoes all week so I did not have to pack multiples. And after I lost those Dr Seuss converse.. I am on the alert!
Tuesday it was rainy and I wanted something that would keep him warm and could cover his head. The camo makes it a bit fun. A stranger told us- I just love his britches! Ha!
Wednesday for Christmas I wanted something dressy and fun. These bright Carters pants are cute and roomy. He can move in these and are chinos so feel pretty jean like. The shirt is also Carters and you know I love it! I try to include it because it photographs well and is comfy. This little vest is a nice layer and is really warm.
Thursday we opened presents and I wanted a pop of color for pictures. The Gap skinny jeans are mustard and the Target Cherokee shirt ties in well. They are still comfy for stair climbing and playing but it is an adorable outfit. 
Friday we were driving  home and I needed something he could relax in. These pants are lined and the shirt is warm but really soft. He spent a good amount of time in his carseat. 

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