Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday :) Easy layered shirt from Carters with khakis from Old Navy. Easy and cute!
Tuesday- Carters lined flannel and some lined pants. Sammy's class sometimes can go outside in the winter. The temp this way was iffy so I went ahead and planned for the cold. (He stayed inside!)
Wednesday- OshKosh for Target sweater with Cherokee jeans. I had his boots on today since it is coooollld here. 
Thursday will be a nice graphic tee from Boden and some Caters Camo lined pants. Really easy and warm. Bodens shirts have a nice thickness to them! If I can find his Dr Seuss converse shoes they will go with this. They are still lost sadly.
Friday just a nice striped warm sweater. With the weather we've been doing some big time layering. It is cold and windy. These lined pants are nice and warm. 
So much of Sammy's winter stuff has an extra layer and I am seriously grateful. Look to Carters for help with that. They sell a ton of stuff that has a little extra stuffing or another fleece layer. They just get so cold and quickly! 

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