Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I did not take my own advice

I should have known better. A few weeks ago, we went to take Sammy to get a little trim. He has longer hair and it was getting shaggy. I needed it trimed.

There are a few things I did wrong here. First, I did not go to the same girl. I just let them work us in. She was new and let's face it- awful. Sammy freaks out and sometimes I have to leave the salon so he will cooperate better. The husbo is no fashionista and has no idea of my hair vision only that we don't want it "too short".

I showed the lady a picture of the style I was going for and felt like she was on board. I left to get us hot chocolate and came back to basically a disaster.

What I could have done better.
1) Made an appointment with his regular stylist. She has vision and passion. She looks at my pinterest board for ideas and listens to me when I tell her how I see this going.
2) Picked a less busy time. She rushed and Sammy was playing and having a great time before the cut- just kind of setup for a bad experience.
3) Brought along a toy to keep him occupied.
4) Not left. I should have stayed there and fought for a great haircut. Especially this close to Christmas.

How we are going to fix this. Well.. that's tougher. Hair doesn't reappear and you can't make it come back instantly. We're just waiting it out. I use some of the colder weather hats to help and honestly- its not THAT bad. Just way shorter than I would have liked and the layering and structure of the cut is not good. So it pretty much falls into his face dorkily. The back appears to be slightly uneven. I will go back probably Thursday night and have them even it out and give it a little bit better cut so I can brush it across his face or spike it slightly to make it more "Sammy" and his style.

Next time I will stick to my guns and follow my plan for success. Little boy hair is unexpectedly hard.

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