Friday, December 6, 2013

Colored Jeans... Sans the Overpowering!

So I may not be the only mom here that worries about going too big kid fashion, or just too fashionable overall for a little kid. He's not a doll and I don't want to draw a ton of attention to a piece of his clothing.

I love it when people notice Sammy is adorable. Sammy, not his jeans. I want items to look like him and a cute adorable version of him. Colored jeans can kind of cross that line for me. The line where his teacher is saying- What great jeans or wow Sammy those are some bright jeans. I don't give a ton of thought to what other people think - I just want to keep his overall clothing to be kind of age appropriate and maximize on the baby cuteness while he's still a little one.

I posted a little outfit idea that kind of shows how we work colored denim into his wardrobe. Basically I follow a couple of rules.
1) Nothing else loud. I like solid or lightly striped tops. Nothing really bold because the jeans are already eye catching.
2) The colored pants need to be fitted but not super skinny. This is kind of the colored jeans style but he's a toddler and needs to run and play.
3) I don't pair the jeans with a top containing the same color.

Those are really my only rules. This is fashion and should be fun! I try to treat them like any other pair of jeans after those points. I love red jeans on a little dude. So cute! I like to pair with this great denim shirt I found at Carters- it is the one in the set. It's still on sale today at Carters. Please ask for link if you need it! Then Carters has these little adorable boots. If I had unlimited money I would get those, but alas... We use the ones he has from Target or Stride Rite.

The second shirt combo is a little hoodie from OshKosh and just an undershirt. I love putting his little high top converse with that. (They are currently missing! Please Lord let me find those before he outgrows them!) Just a little bit more casual and funky with his chucks.

I  hope this inspires you to take a bit of a chance with your child's wardrobe and see how pieces you already have can work in this look to create a new fun one. Gap, H&M, and Old Navy are all great places to look for affordable ones.

Bonus- if you are getting photos taken as a family- colored jeans on a toddler is a really great photo outfit look.

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