Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sammy @ 3!

I really want to have a nice way to remember all of the amazing things that Sammy does at this age. I need to start writing it down and keeping a journal of sorts- I just decided to do it here and hope that everyone will indulge me!

Sammy is so funny and extremely bright! He loves to say "I will!". It is darned cute. If you ask him to do something, chances are that is what he will say.

He puts so much enthusiasm into everything. His rendition of ABCs is very boisterous. I love it!

He is serious at times which is really great. He is a thinker and considers things before answering. Not too many things are lost on him. I really think he is like his dad that way. He is just so family centric and really interested in how the world works around him! Maybe an Engineer like daddy?

I feel like so far three has been a lot easier than two. Sammy was the easiest baby ever but about 11 months he decided to become whiny and pretty much stayed that way until recently. I feel like we are gaining some traction with his defiance.

Sammy loves to sing and dance. He is starting to tell jokes and pretend. Everything is trains right now. He feels Santa should bring Ferdinand and Luke. We talk a lot about trains and play. I sometimes feel bad that he does not have other kids at home to play with. I often have to cook or clean when we get home and I wish I could drop everything and play with him. I often do.

Being a mom to this little one is the greatest gift I have ever been given and I am so proud if him!

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