Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beating the Winter Weather!

We've been stuck inside for what feels like months. I see how Sammy looks at the playgrounds and swingsets and feel pretty horrible for the little guy.

Here are some things we've been doing to feel better, and more active during these hibernation months. I feel it is really important to give little ones a sense of a healthy and active lifestyle. For kids, being outdoors is really important. This weather is really making it harder on parents everywhere!

1) Look for indoor playareas. Sometimes it's the local children's museum or a nice church- or seriously Chick-Fil-A. McDonalds or Burger King. Lots of those places are good to go and just get out of the house and break up the monotony. Kids need to move and work off that energy. Or they'll work that last nerve!

2) Indoor Camping. Land of Nod has awesome pretend camping gear or make your own. Break out the sleeping bags and make a tent out of some rope and a sheet. It can break up a long Saturday where being outside isn't feasable.

3) Playdates. Setting up a couple can mean a change of scenery and it can help you see your home in a new way. Plus it always gives me a reason to clean the house. Which right now isn't too bad but I could use a maid.

4) The mall has some usually - sometimes with the ride on trains. You can also let your child walk a bit more as there is generally a bit of room. If you choose an off peak shopping time you'll likely run into the Senior crowd who will dote on your adorable child. Sammy is a ringer. I cannot tell you the amount of times some older guy is telling Sammy how adorable he is and giving him a $5 bill. It's an odd but heartwarming occurrence.

So.. Here's to getting out of the mundane. Get camping or playing at the burger joint. Bring some hand sanitizer and try to get them to keep their tongues in their mouths. The news reports about cleaning of those places are pretty gross. Happy February!

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