Friday, February 21, 2014

Little Dude... & Literacy

Reading is pretty serious in my house. My husband had a few authors that he follows religiously. So do I. I am a total Jane Austen junkie and read several of her greats a few times a year. We've read nightly to Sammy since he was born. I read somewhere back during my pregnancy that for Sammy to have the best vocabulary- that he needed to be exposed to as much language as possible.

We've had some big payoffs recently in regards to Sammy's literacy and interest level in books. I read to him when he wakes up usually and when he goes to bed. I try to read to him for 30 minutes per day. Most of this happens as we're getting ready for bed. He selects one of his favorites and delays bedtime book after book. We want him to love reading and this has paid off for us.

1) Early talking. Sammy was an early talker. I feel like he came out ready to talk. He will talk your ear off. He speaks in clear sentences and isn't hard to understand. His vocab is pretty impressive these days. He walked late and crawled very late so I think he was busy talking and not moving!

2) Imagination. I think this is part books and part no TV. He will now read me his books and make up the stories. Sometimes his version is pretty impressive. He is starting the imaginative play part of his toddlerhood. It is really adorable to see.

3) Since we read the same books over and over his memory is pretty great. He has memorized several of his books verbatim. This sucks for my husband because several of Sammy's faves my husband cannot stand and makes up the words to. Not anymore.

Now of course I think Sammy is a genius. Every mother does. But I mostly think this is because of the hours and hours spent reading to him. We want him to know that the written word is extremely important. We want him to know other worlds and meet new people all of the time thought books. I grew up with books as a focus in my life- spending my time reading and letting my mind create worlds instead of the TV doing it for me. I just want to pass that along to my son.

We are purists over at my house- no kindle or iBook. They are both fantastic, but kids books are so cute and Sammy likes to hold onto it, bring the books to the car, and bring them back to his bookshelves.

March the 2nd is Dr. Seuss's Birthday. We are celebrating the entire week. This post kicks off our celebration. Highlights include obviously Green Eggs and Ham, Planting a Tree, When Exactly is Octember, Watching Horton Hears a Who, and other shenanigans. We have a big week planned and are really excited to share it. And share our Dr. Seuss Fashion at the same time!

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