Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Swim Roundup

Swim Roundup

After doing some checking on the usual haunts for swim gear. I decided nothing really screamed BUY ME NOW!  Last year Boden had it and more! Sammy was able to still fit into the baby boden one piece UPF 50 zip up and some 2-3 trunks. The trunks had some vintage ships and the zip was navy with bright yellow stars. Really cute stuff that was well made. I was thrilled to buy his swim gear last year.
If you can find something like that zip up from Boden get it. So amazingly great for indoor swimming. We belong to the Y and swim there year round. These dry so fast and are such a great option for little swimmers. Also Sammy is clearly a redhead so sunblock and UPF are something we find to be a must in the summer time. 

This year I will most likely get a long sleeved hoodie rash guard from Gap. I like not having to worry so much about shoulders and belly sunburns. Target has some great finds- all $10. At Carters I will undoubtedly get the surf board set and maybe the shark print. I need at least two options as we do swim often and with the amount of chlorine they put into pools- I need to rinse and have a set dry while the other is in use. If I can get some wear out of Sammy's star zip I will probably be the happiest mom around! Boden sizes nicely and generously. I doubt I can still use it (we have size 2-3) but if we can I will be sure to post some pics of Sammy in it. 
A tip on sunscreen is the Babyganics brand. It has a pretty great EWG rating and isn't super expensive. As daycare moms know- you need at least two tubes of sunblock per season and price can make a difference. It is also not that thick white goop like California Baby. We didn't have any sunburns. I also recommend getting a stick of sunbock- I usually do babyganics in that too. That is great for the face and ears. 

Hope this helps you get into that frame of mind. With clothing it is best to start early for specifics like swimwear or when it becomes time to actually use them- you're left with nothing but ones you don't care for. As nothing screamed my name this time, I am really glad I did look early to find my best bets. I am still holding out hope for the Boden trunks to have a second print release. Their quality is wonderful and I am bummed nothing really looked like a match to my style. 

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