Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Carters camo pants. You know the drill. I sometimes put babylegs in his lower legs to add a bit more warmth. Sometimes he gets warm at school so I like to give him something he can adjust the temp with.
Tuesday- A bit of fun. I am in love with these Boden shirts. The hoodie reminds me of my lovely sister who is a huge Harry Potter fan. 
Wednesday- Today I kind of upped my game. A cool plaid dress shirt under a nice vest. Both are from Target last year, I did a bit of preseason shopping last year. Just some nice chino type pants that are cut so he can run.
Thursday- Just jeans and a nice sweater. 
Friday- I love this awesome saturated mustard sweater with some darker jeans from Boden. 
Shoeswise... We've been trying to wear out the red converse. Sammy has a black pair for the next size run and I am really sad to see these pups go soon. Maybe something cool to take their place?!
I have been so super sick lately. Sammy has remained well- which means I probably got it from him. I've been trying to keep up with everything but have been giving myself some time off here and there. I've really needed to rest and recover from all of the germs. I am probably going to take it easy until tomorrow at the least. 
I am going to organize Sammy's closet and try to post a little video of it. Just for something new and exciting. Hope everyone is staying well in this weather. Snow again. Polar Vortex. 

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