Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Just this fun shirt from Tea. Love it! Thought some bright pants were an unexpected choice.
Tuesday- I kinda went all out. It is so super cold here I need LAYERS! I feel like poor Sammy is going to hit spring and not know what to do with all this added ability to move. Just nice button down from Tea and a sweater. Cute mustard Gap jeans. 
Wednesday- Camo pants and grey sweatshirt. 
Thursday- Some color. Love this shirt from Tea and some Boden jeans. 
Friday!!! Love Day! Sammy is having a party with his classmates so he's wearing a nice pair of jeans and his Valentines shirt. I am not sure what I'm getting him for a present but hopefully something cheap. These winter heating bills are breaking Mama!

Cannot wait for Spring. This Winter has been on steroids and really has outstayed it's welcome with the whole snowing every other day stuff. The cold has been very severe. I am usually not so worked up over weather - but seeing -1 on my car's thermostat day after day is starting to wear me down.

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