Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blogging Bad Times

There is that eternal debate on mommy blogging. Basically that other moms will see your blog and feel inadequate. I did some thinking about this. I always want to be my authentic self. I really don't sugar coat anything and am the single worst liar in the history of the world.

But that being said- I am a person and who in the world wants to air out their worst moments? And relive them thought editing and comments? I certainly don't. I do try to share tips I have learned the hard way, and I think anyone can kind of infer the experiences may not all have been rosy.

I am an eternal optimist and when something bad happens I generally just try to view it as an example of what did not work. For example- this morning Sammy woke up at 6:20. That was good; I had decided to start getting him up around then so he could play more before we needed to get moving in the morning. We watched three episodes of Clifford and were a bit late. So that didn't work. Clearly. I should have seen it coming but he wanted to be snuggled and play with this new stuffed "Rabbit". I enjoy that so I was not complaining.

I mainly blog about clothing and toddler boy's fashion which I think is sadly under served. I enjoy seeing the highlights of my life in this blog- that I use to share things from my life and experience as a mother and to serve as a fun reminder of the joy I felt when picking out little outfits for my child. This is my highlight reel. Don't compare your lowest, weakest moment to one where my son is smiling and the world is at peace. I have those low moments too. I just don't photograph them and share.

Life for us is generally pretty happy, we do have our setback unfortunately, but I try to look at them through a positive lens. That is the only way I am getting through this crazy time in our life. Without my optimism and positivity, I am not a happy person and for me to be happy and share that love and sense of joy with my son is such a goal of mine. I want him to look back in 20 years and think that we just had the best time growing up.

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