Monday, March 3, 2014

Playdate on the Open Road

Playdate on the Open Road
This weekend Sammy and I decided to host a fun playdate about an hour away. We wanted to stretch our legs and see a new place. We settled on an interactive Science museum for kids. We had an absolute blast and wanted to share some of the essentials we used while out.

Some of the not pictured essentials are a good attitude and sense of adventure. We brought our iPhone camera to get some good shots and although not everything went 100% to plan- we decided to roll with the punches and just enjoy the good times with friends.

1) Lifefactory water bottle. They are glass with a silicone overlay. I love that they have a straw so it makes it very toddler friendly. I just bring my large 22 oz bottle along- but Sammy has a smaller one too. We're kind of at the "too old for a sippy stage" or near it.
2) Change of clothing. Or two depending on your kiddos age. Even if they are a bit older. Museums almost always have some sort of water table these days and it just makes it less of a hassle to keep them clean. Bring an extra pair of socks. Some places are no shoes.
3) Stroller. To store your things. But call ahead and see if the space you're heading is stroller friendly. The museum we were visiting wasn't stroller adverse but we didn't need the stroller in the slightest. Our Bugaboo Bee has a lovely wheeled board that Sammy can ride on. So although he won't sit in a stroller any longer- he will ride on that and it keeps him safe while crossing streets and during longer walks. 
4) Dream Blanket from Aden + Anais. This could be really called your touch from home. Sammy loves to snuggle with this during car rides. We needed him to be fairly content so this was a must. 
5) Extra diapers! You just never know. We cloth diaper but usually use these Honest Company ones if we will be more than an hour away from home. It just is easier than a stinky wetbag in the car. I try to bring enough for a whole day. I just never know if something bad will happen. Moms Murphy's Law.
6) I try to have some extra blankets in the car. Sammy collects the Aden + Anais swaddles as nap and security blankets. I will rig one up around his seat if the sun is bothering him or snuggled around his face if he falls or has a bad moment while we're out. They bring him comfort and they're just outright handy.
7) I am a modular packer and use these Ju-Ju-Be sets and quicks to organize my diaper bag. I have one piece that holds diapers, a travel thing of wipes, a disposable changing mat, and some of those extra handy disposable trash bags. The other contains his extra set of clothes (see 2 above) and a trash bag in the zippered compartment for wet clothing.
Hope this helps you get into the travel frame of mind with your adorable kiddos! We loved a change of scenery and playing with good friends away from home!

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