Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- We pretty much played at the park as long as we could. It was 60- but a very chilly wind was blowing. These lined pants and layers really worked well. I love vests for early Spring weather. 
Tuesday- Sammy's exact pants I could not find a replica of. They are Osh Kosh and have adorable knee pads sewn in and are really intricate. The shirt is one of my faves.
Wednesday- Today I needed a pop of color after more neutral days. I love this Tea thermal and Boden jeans. We had to move to a size 4. I sure love their jeans though. Remember- they are for skinny kids. 
Thursday- Yellow Gap jeans with my fave Tea button down. 
Friday- This hoodie reminds me of my sister for the world. Harry Potter inspired in my mind. Just a Boden look for a Friday. Great jeans, a cute British tee. We have library time on Friday and I am already excited. Getting Sammy into the library is pretty much a life goal. 

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