Monday, March 10, 2014

Warmer Weather Shoe Round Up!

Spring Shoe Round Up

These are the shoes I am getting Sammy for Spring/Summer 2014. He wears around a size 10. Some things of note: Sammy has to have pretty much all closed toe shoes due to his school's rules. We decided against the popular Keen sandals as many moms have informed me that they start to smell as soon as they become wet. They are also about $55... Not spending that much for smelly shoes. 
1) Orange high top converse. I feel the orange goes well with his wardrobe. The green was a close second. I may still get those. I like a high top on Sammy. He's still a toddler and although falls are not as frequent- he's still fairly klutzy. 
2) Stride Rite Sandals. These are fairly cute and give a lot of airflow. He needs something with closed toes and this fits the bill nicely. His school as a ton of water activities so I usually need an actual shoe from stride rite for this function.
3) These little Saucony shoes are precious. I love how cute they are on. Looks great with shorts and good for playground time.
4) Nike Sunrays. These are really nice for hot days and look so cute on. I really wanted a pair last year but they were sold out by the time I got around to it. 
Not pictured are just some non slip pool shoes. I have not decided where to get these from. Usually we have bunch more shoes in summer as they need baths more often and when you introduce the sandbox and stinky feet... Its better to have more than less. You really want to get something you can wash and that holds up well. Stride Rite is my favorite Summer brand because they are made to be washed. 

Viva La Spring!

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