Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winter Bests

This Winter was brutal! I mean come on Polar Vortex. It just won't leave. It is snowing here right now. Kind of like a snowglobe. Every hates it but I not so secretly love that it looks so pretty out and plus it is a vast improvement over the last few months. Here are the top 10 things I've loved about Winter 2013/2014 and my fashion faves.

Winter Faves
1 Little snow boots.
2 Laughing at yellow snow
3 Our favorite tree covered in snow
4 Seeing the snow melt off
5 Unexpectedly snowed in
6 Snuggling together when heater broke
7 Blowing frozen bubbles
8 Frozen in general
9 Winter Pics on Instagram
10 Sammy talking about snow outside

Fashion Winter Faves
1 Sammys mocs
2 Bright Green Toddler Coat
3 Sorel Boots. Yes Please!
4 Winter White
5 Bogs in the snow
6 Babylegs
7 Toddler Scarves
8 Reindeer Hats
9 Lined Pants
10 Toddler Hunter boots

Come on Spring! We are excited for you! Today Sammy came in the kitchen so thrilled to have waffles and watch Frozen. It's amazing to see him have his own favorites. 

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