Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Potty Days!

Sammy started to use the potty. We've been so hard at work the last three days. Our method kinda looks like this:
1) Be naked
2) Sit on the potty every 20 mins. Rinse and Repeat x 100000

He did manage a pee on Day #3 and was handsomely rewarded by a hotwheels car and a sticker. Mama was rewarded by the smiles on his face and feeling of accomplishment he felt. Insanely amazing this little guy. I am so blessed by him!

We have some Thomas underoos ready to go for when we get there. I am glad we waited. It was pretty stressful and I am glad that we've now had two wins! We did have two accidents but they were minor - no tears and no fuss.

Note about Potty Training- I did some research and during this age is when kids are most likely to be abused. It is stressful. Do whatever you can do help out kids and parents during hard times. Don't say mean things- don't bring it up unless they do. No kids go to college in diapers unless there is a medical problem. Be kind- it won't hurt you. Just smile and tell the mom how cute her kids are and that it is no big deal. :)

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