Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Spring is so close I can  taste it. Last night we went to the park but honestly it was a touch too cold to stay for too long. The wind was blowing very cold. My sister and brother-in-law came out for an impromptu picnic and play after our day was winding down. It was lovely!
Monday- Clearly we needed to do up the green! Green Carters chinos with a fun tea shirt and Gap cardigan for an extra layer. 
Tuesday- Fun plaid from Boden with a British Tee. I put the tee over the long sleeved shirt for a warm layer.
Wednesday- Today Sammy is rocking this cool Gap shirt with Gap jeans and a nice Boden hoodie. 
Thursday- Gap skinnies with a Gap Easter shirt. I love this one. I try to find seasonal items that work for the holiday but are still ok for every day. A rain slicker to give another layer and bring warmth.
Friday- Camo pants paired with this amazing Zara hoodie. I think they must have made it just for Sammy given the S on it. It's a must! I am loving Zara this season. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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