Friday, March 7, 2014

Ready for Weekend- Itching to grab the Dude!!!

I am so ready to grab my kiddo. School is in for another hour. Cannot wait to get our weekend started. He is so precious. On the agenda:
1) Babysitting a friend's youngest while she takes her oldest out for a birthday celebration.
2) Visiting Papa! (we are Cajun- my son calls my dad Papa French style)
3)  Haircut. Sammy has a mullet and I have had a really hard time getting a cut in.
4) Date night with a toddler along! What is more romantic than boogie wipes and children's menus!
5) Organizing the kitchen. Preferably sans toddler assistance.
6) Sleep/Rest/Couch Surfing/Being a Bum!

The weather is nice so I hope to get a little park time. Or at least some natural vitamin D on our faces! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. There is no better day than Friday with the promise of free time and fun!

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