Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Putting Away the Diapers

Sammy is pretty well on the road on this potty training adventure. He has had exactly one accident after the initial days and seems pretty happy to be a big kid now. Mainly our big tip here is that we waited until we thought he was really ready and could understand the need to use the potty.

Picking out the undies didn't seem to help. Mainly those three days of being pantless and just sticking him on the potty were our go to solution. Not sure we used any actual technique but this is what drove it home.

We then had a sticker chart and instant gratification method going. Every time he went he got to pick a toy from the fishbowl on the counter. Then he got a sticker and when the row was filled up he received a bigger toy from the store. I ended up just gathering up some of his $1 hotwheels and he didn't realize they were not new. The toys were a big win. He wanted to go just to get one. I did get about $10 worth of hotwheels so he had some to unwrap but I placed a variety in there. It sure helped.

As for the cloth diapers- I took out the inserts of everything and washed with bleach. Then I ran through the sanitize setting and stored in a bin in our closet. The shells and covers were washed on warm very well and stored separately.  Since we plan on having another we will not place in storage bags- I think the airflow helps in this case.

So there you have it- potty training is working out, he is in a toddler bed, and can say basically any word in the English language. I swear I had a little baby just yesterday. Oh well- he's cute I'll keep him!

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