Monday, October 28, 2013

Easy and Cute Toddler Halloween!

Halloween is very nearly here! We are so excited. Honestly I could have written this post a couple of weeks ago and probably done someone some good- but put this away in your mind for next year.

In the Midwest, Halloween is cold. I find that the "all over" costumes are best. Look at Carters and Target and you'll find some great ones that come with a bit of padding for warmth. They are so easy. You can add a pair of knit pants and long sleeved shirt to make even warmer depending on how cold it is on the actual day you Trick or Treat. And they are still pretty comfortable.

Pottery Barn Kids has AMAZING costumes. We got ours there this year and really love it. We got it early because we thought it would more than likely be sold out in the 2T-3T size. So we wasted $. We could have waited and got it for $20 less. They are still in stock. I am not giving away his darling costume just yet- but we are SO excited. Hopefully he cooperates for some great pics. My mom- Sammy's Mimi- is coming to Trick or Treat with us this year. She's flying in that day. We have pumpkins and all sorts of decorations to make it memorable! Pottery Barn Kids is slightly smaller sized. Target, Carters, Babies R Us, they all seem to be sized a bit more generously.

Generally on costumes- don't wait. If it's cute- it's gone. Unless its priced really high. (cough cough PBKs $100 for costume and treat bag). Always be looking for coupons and discounts. We at least got 10% off through an online code. But keep your eyes peeled. Now would probably be a great time to get your kid's costume for next year. Especially if they are a toddler and won't have an opinion on the topic. Might as well save and get a great one.

After Halloween, feel free to sell your costume on ebay or donate to a store. We've saved them and I cannot imagine we'll ever use them again. Here is Sammy in last year's costume - a bear- which we purchased from Target for $25.00. It was warm and easy!

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