Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keeping Socks Together! And Other Sock tips

Socks. Seriously how many does one kiddo need? And where do the missing ones go? Socks can be that last problem to be solved before you're heading out the door.

We have had the toughest time keeping Sammy's socks together and easily located to get out the door in the morning. After three years of this rigamarole - I have a couple of tips that I use to keep my sanity. When you are a mom - a plan for the details is vital to keep you calm and on time.

1) When taking off socks, roll them together as you would to store in sock drawer. Just place like that in the laundry. This keeps them together through the wash. They usually dry up fine for me and get very clean. We have a front loader and I use Tide powder. If they don't dry completely- I usually just throw in the dryer again to get the next load.

2) After your child has thrown them across the car, pick them up. This seems so simple but it is really easy to just get them out of the car and deal with that later on. I just grab them really fast, ball them up, and put into the laundry pile. Mentally keep track of them so you can make sure you're getting dirty clothes put up daily.

3) Keep a few neutral pairs downstairs or in a secondary location. We have a second floor and going upstairs quickly is a challenge. I cloth diaper and I keep 2-3 pairs of socks in my downstairs diaper stash so I can just grab and go when in a hurry. If Sammy is coming upstairs too- we have a serious delay because Thomas must be turned on and we have to lay down in Mommy's bed.

4) Lay out the whole outfit the night before. I usually put socks and shoes on our shoe mat because I have a sock and shoe removing kiddo. He could get off a straightjacket so socks are no issue for him. Just having his things ready to go saves us so much time.

5) Clean out couch weekly. I find so many under the couch. Our littles spend a bunch of time on the floor so their things tend to end up underneath the furniture- and in it!

Another problem we've had is ankle socks during Summer. I prefer the "no show" look. Target has them in the bigger boy section. I think before they hit about three- sandals in the summer is probably the only option other than sizing down and having them just be smaller. Some socks seem to do this ok.

Great sock brands- Carters! We have wood flooring so I love having the gripper. We also love the Gap socks. They usually are pretty cute and hold up well. I think the hanes brand is just fine, not as great for wash and wear but cost a ton less. Circo brand are ok but they have that nylon liner inside and no gripper. Not my fave but we have a set of Thomas ones and some monsters that are fun. Generally I like them to be from Carters or Gap due to the wash and wear and stretch. We have some 24 month that are still hanging in there and Sammy wears a size 9 toddler shoe. They also size 2-4 so they have a more generous fit. Gap is 2-3 so less generous but you can single socks which is nice for when you see something nice. 

Hope this helps you get out of the door a bit more quickly!

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