Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

This is pretty much what Sammy wore/is wearing this week. We love our chucks! They give every outfit that genuine cool feeling. Notable new fave is the Friday shirt from Target. $8.00 and it looks awesome on. Not generously sized but really cute. We're loving our OshKosh vests for this fall/rainy weather. Monday's Boden shirt is so great on. I really love their stuff. The monkey shirt was a must have from Carters along with Thursdays rocket shirt from there too. Sammy is just about to turn three. We are pretty solidly in the last bit of 2Ts from Carters and OshKosh which give us a bit more length. We will move to our Children's place denim and pants with special cuffs soon. Stay tuned for Sammy's Halloween costume reveal later this week. They moved Trick or Treating to Friday so I should have those up Saturday. My mom is visiting so hopefully I will have some time to myself! 

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