Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saving Money on Kids Clothing

Saving money is a big deal for my family. I'd say we're like most everyone and trying to put as much money back into savings as possible.Saving money when we can is a no brainer, and spending less for the same things is an all around win. I have found in my years shopping for my son, that everything kid related is basically on sale. If you are paying full price- you can probably save if you do some shopping around.

Below is a list of things I do to save on clothing for my son. I will keep adding this list as I have more time and more deals come up. I try to buy a bit from everywhere so I have a good breadth of experience to share. This is a bit disconnected as I intend for this to be a guide and list for each brand.

Carters is basically always on sale. They usually have a promo running. If you can wait until they are 50% off, you are going to save the most. They send out coupons for in store 20% off. Sometimes 25% off. And bring a grandparent on Wednesdays and save another 10%. So for example if you have $100 worth of clothing you will pay $33.75 + tax. Its not 85% off because you'd take 50% off then get a total, then take 25% off of that new total, and 10% off of that new total. But still - really amazing discounts. They also have a rewards program for every $50 you spend you get $10. This is off of your total after coupons.

Their stuff washes up amazing and really wears well. I love the quality and when you hit the trifecta of saving there, you are getting clothing cheaper than you could manage at Walmart. You can easily have two kids in this stuff. Their fit I think is generous and cut well, not too wide. Their sets run a bit smaller than their separates. Carters fitted non fleece jammies (usually in a 4 pack) run a full size smaller than their shirts.

Buy online. They generally have free shipping and some sort of discount. Don't wait at Boden. It if is cute, it runs out of stock very quickly. I only shop there with a coupon code because their stuff is more expensive but I think the quality is really nice. Its "hand me down" quality in my book. They also have resale boards on facebook where you can find gently used clothing. Nordstrom carries this brand but unless you have a discount from them- don't buy there. Boden sizing is sometimes odd and they only have the one line. Sizing is standard no matter where you buy this brand. I find it can run smaller in the pants and larger in the shirts. Sometimes the sleeves are long. Their stuff is really whimsical and worth the money I think. The Baby Boden line kept me pretty poor for awhile!

Old Navy/Gap
Wait for sale and shop early that day online.It runs out if it is cute. Gap is expensive. Their stuff is cute but they always have some sort of 30% or more discount going on online.Their stuff is not great quality in my book. Not much really looked great enough to pass along. Some of the jeans maybe. If you get something you just love from there, only use it for special occasions and pictures- really limiting your washes. The colors don't seem to hold well in my experience. And the brands run small. My son wears a 2T/3T shirt most of the time and is sometimes in a 4T at these stores.

Tea Collection
Their shirts are great. Pants too. But their prices keep us away. I've never noticed a sale great enough that we'd get more than a couple of shirts. I like their shirts for statement type of shirts. They run small and slim. I generally think their stuff is well made and the cotton is dense and durable. The wash and wear quality is good and you'll get 2+ kids through this stuff. Made for the long haul!

Osh Kosh
Fits wide! Saving is the same as Carters - they are the same company. Sizing is quite different. We bought a couple of shirts there and they were made for a chubbier/more muscular child. Sammy is a bit thin and he did not fill out these shirts. Because of that I generally only buy vests, some pants, sweaters, and accessories from the Target line.

Target Brands
Target has their own line of Carters, Circo, Osh Kosh, Cherokee, ect
Cartwheel and Target card will save you! (Target debit is amazing. Everyone needs one for 5% off through your checking account)
Keep an eye out here. The Osh Kosh goes fast if it is cute so you want to get in there fast. They run wide but wear amazingly. We have some well used pants that look brand new. Stains come out well. The 5% off helps and the prices are decent to begin with. Cartwheel is an app that you can clip coupons and stack them on your existing discounts/coupons. I can sometimes get another 5-25% off. When you are getting a great deal like that, that is the time to go get what you like there. I have a grocery budget and will spend whatever I have left over at our SuperTarget while I am there. Its a nice way for me to build up on cute pieces that my son will need. I try to be buying the next size while he is firmly in the one below. I shop clearance racks often there and save more. Boys clothing tends to keep the same trends for a while. You will be fine shopping for a year ahead.

This is a wonderful site. You can send them your used clothing and get in-store credit or cash. They have great brands. I sent in a lot of my old clothing and got about $25 to spend. I was able to get two polo button downs and a polo cable vest for under $20 and they look brand spanking new. I still have some money to spend but they have deals. They often have brand names and still send out coupon codes for more savings. You might not find exactly what you want but I love it for dress up clothing that I want to be nice but will only be worn once or twice.

I will try to keep adding as I find better ways to get the great clothes we all love for our children at good deals. 

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