Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting a Great Little Boys Haircut!

Getting my son's hair cut has been kind of a nightmare. He has darling red hair and was blessed with a cowlick- right in the front. (Just like mama!)

I have no brothers and have never had any interest in male hair before having my son. I don't understand the use of clippers or any thing not directly related to female hair. I've become better at navigating the waters of little boy haircuts- so I thought I would share!

First- check out the spot before you head in. What kind of toys are there? Will this create a meltdown? Is there a super long wait typically? You need to see it before having your child in there to prevent tantrums and a rough go of it. I find that if I can relax the whole visit goes better.

Ex. Sammy LOVES trains. Adores them. The first spot we used had a train table. Big meltdown every time we went in. He wanted to play, didn't want to leave. I was generally alone with my son and this was embarrassing and just made the whole visit awful. I switched to a new place with a slide. He's entertained for a bit but he can't try to pocket the slide out the door and he's generally ok to leave without a tantrum.

Secondly- Pinterest. Seriously get yourself a visual. You don't speak hair. Get something you can show to the hairstylist and prevent a bad cut.

Make some mental notes of what you like about this haircut- the length on the sides. How long do you like the back? Are you going to use styling products? They will probably need to tailor the picture you bring to your child's hair so its best to know what draws you in. I have a board for my son on Pinterest and I typically pin a couple so she can see the looks I like and we go from there.I try to find something that if it needs a styling product, it looks ok without. I am not gooping up Sammy's hair every day. He has eczema and we can't bathe daily.

Thirdly- Keep going to the same person. This can be hard with the kiddie salons being kind of chaotic- but make an appointment and keep visiting the same person when you find someone you like. Our lady is really nice, totally hyper and high energy. She is great at hair and after a few bad cuts, we're going to stick it out with her.

Lastly- Tip decently and say thank you. We're all busy moms but we really have to take the time to show people we not only see the contributions they make in our lives, but also that we are appreciative of the little things they do to go above and beyond.

Hope this helps some! We had a really bad cut about eight months ago and have been letting it grow ever since. I always fell into the "very short hair for little boys" camp. But given the cowlick, we need the length. I thought I would find that magic cut so I never had to wet Sammy's hair down in the morning and brush it into submission... That day never arrived and I realized I will have to wet it down to get us out of the house. C'iest La Vie!

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