Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surprising Place for Cute Clothing!

Surprising Place for Cute Clothing!

We recently had to get my husbo an entire work wardrobe in one weekend. He is tall so generally I find great deals as JC Penney. I usually do not shop there for myself. Its just out of the way and I really don't have a ton of time for myself and clothing. I am an online shopper primarily because I can find great deals. Kids clothing and coupons is really a winning combo and if you're doing it right- you have a coupon most of the time.

We found some great basics and tees over at JC Penney in the toddler section. Great colors and fit. Their clothing appears to fit just a slight bit smaller than Carters. They had fresh prints that look great- very whimsical. The price was amazing $7!

I'd give everyone a strong push to check that place out. I found great items there and everything was on sale. Give it a whirl. Don't buy Carters there. The pricing isn't great. Truly your best bet to find a deal on Carters is either go into the store or Meijer grocery store. Other than that - you are overpaying.

Knowing what colors look great on your child is such a help. My son has red hair and red is not really great on him. But BLUE! It makes his hair pop and really shines. I am not a fan of anything baggy on my son, well baggy for a boy. I like it to fit snugly. This shirt is a big more baggy than I really like but he will grow into it and I rolled the sleeves a bit before he went off to school.

Below is the shirt we found. Print is a robin hood bear. Paired with Toms and some Osh Kosh for Target grey pants. Monster socks complete the outfit! LOVE!

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