Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gap Clothing Review/ Clothing Haul

Gap was having a 40% off sale last week so I splurged and got Sammy two graphic tees and a sweatshirt. The prices were pretty decent and the styling was really amazing. We got this nautical shirt. This red birthday shirt, and this great sweatshirt.

The fit on these is pretty great. Arm length wise we have about 2 inches of room to grow. That's ok because I really want these to fit through spring. The length overall was great. I think a taller kid is probably going to be best sizing up to give six months in the shirt, but we all know I like tighter clothes so I stayed true to size.

The nautical shirt. Amazing. Fit is great. A little bit of stretch and the colors are so bold and bright. The arms rolled back a bit looked darling - the stripes just gave it that intentional look. Really cute. This would look great with a pair of colored skinny jeans. I am thinking of getting Sammy some yellow ones to pair. For the first time I used a pair of green cargo pants from Cherokee and they worked great. Truly a versatile piece.

Red shirts and red heads can be hit or miss. The birthday shirt turned out pretty well. The print is great- excellent styling. Again bold and bright. Fit is the same as the other graphic tee. We will use this for his actual birthday coming in November so be expecting some pics of it then! We felt the price was well worth the really cute print and bold red color. Sometimes it can be really hard to tell the vibrancy of the red online. Our only Gap is 40 minutes away and honestly- I usually shop there online because I hate going to that particular mall.

Finally the sweatshirt. The color is subtle- very pale grey/blue. Neutral and will go with anything (except khakis). The sleeves are a bit long- probably two-three inches of room to grow after one wash. It could shrink further and that number could change but after washing it looked like we had a bit of room to grow. The graphic on this is really cute in person. Glad we went with the ship version. We debated a bit. (yes the hubs for sure has an opinion on clothing for the wee one)

Sammy is still rearfacing in his carseat and hoods present a problem for us. It really is too much fabric in that general area so I skip hoods. I was really excited to find a layering piece that didn't have one attached. Plus I love knitting up great winter scarves for him and hats. Just our spin on it- and I feel safer in the car.

All in all- glad we shopped there and got three pieces to add to his fall/winter wardrobe for $42.00.

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