Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Help! My Kiddo is Between Sizes

Sammy isn't a huge kid. And I like his clothing to FIT. I like shoulder seams to hit shoulders. I prefer pants to fit lengthwise without needing a cuff.

I find that we generally need to size up before the next size fits. I am sure it is well-intentioned by the clothing companies but it kinda drives me crazy. I hate that couple of months where he is in between sizes and things may not fit yet.

I have a few tips that can help.
1) Be aware of how different things are sized. Carters for example- their jeans run long. The Childrens Place run short. Buy when they have sales but know that you'll use those Carters ones a bit later. I also know I can get the Carters fabric type pants in that smaller size and they'll last longer. I tend to invest in their separates because the length lasts but I know starting off- Children's Place is going to be a staple for awhile. I tend to buy some of each knowing ahead of time how these will get worn.

2) Know your widths! Osh Kosh and Walmart seem to run wider. Since Sammy is cloth diapered but skinny, I know those jeans will fit after his Bodens are too tight. The loose fit seems to give us a couple more inches to play with and may make all of the difference.

3) Shirts are hit or miss. I tend to use the button downs during this time because I can roll the sleeves. They can be tucked in or incorporated with a sweater vest to "shrink" it to fit. My son usually up sizes in the winter so that is probably not a universal tip esp for those kids with birthdays in the summertime. I like shirts to fit tighter so we generally just wait to up size a shirt, they generally fit well after we need a bigger size in pants so I just use them longer. Pants are where the majority of our issues come from.

But again, knowing what sizes run large is great here. Cherokee and some of the Target brands run smaller than Carters, and Childrens Place is smaller as well. I typically can have Sammy wear his Childrens Place stuff first while we are still getting those last uses of Carters in the smaller size.

4) Carters sets are my saving grace during this time. They just run smaller and shorter than their separates. I buy the store out of those! I generally find that our Carters does not stock them in toddler sizes,so I have to get them online. Most of the time, Carters coupons are only for "in store" but sometimes they have online coupons too. When you get that coupon and can afford it, is the time to hit up Carters online. I also find that some of the cuter shirts we like for Carters are only online too.We try to buy all of that online when we have a deal and everything online is 50% off. Their shipping is $6 flat. Carters generally stocks all of the baby stuff in stores but toddler stuff can be hit or miss. We live half an hour away from any Carters so I am not heading up there in my rare free time to not get what I am looking for!

5) Buy jeans that are meant to be cuffed. This doesn't irritate me as much as pants that are not meant for it. Carters has little fabric pants that have fabric underneath and they are meant to be cuffed. Boden usually does too. Carters will have the little plaid cuffed pants. These you can use longer because in the fall they are a bit shorter and you just adjust the cuff as your kiddo grows. Easy peasy and as long as you are careful not to make the outfit too matchy matchy- this can be a big style plus.

Hope this helps- I know I am OCD about some things and fit is one thing that bothers me big time. Knowing how different brands fit your child can save you during the times of transition.

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