Monday, October 28, 2013

Tips for Little Dude Winter Coats

Winter Tip!

Its Winter- its cold and your child needs a warm coat. Here are a couple of tips that I use to save money, time, and get a great coat that I really love!

Style wise- get something that looks good with brown and black. I usually get green. I also try to get something that has a removable hood. I sometimes cannot stand a hood. I like for it to be not crazy poofy because they're outside playing and need to be able to run around. You want something that will be warm and be functional.

First - I use the same brand as often as I can for coats. Hawke & Co. I buy it every year in January for the next size. The coat Sammy is using I bought last year at Von Maur for $19. It was 75% off. They are very warm and really cute. I did the same thing the year before and was so glad to have found that deal and way of preparing ourselves for winter. I am able to get a great coat at a really great price. To be quite honest, I would not pay for that full price so Sammy gets a nicer coat this way.

You probably want to check in a couple of times to make sure they still have coats. The idea is to get them right before they get the Spring merchandise and are putting coats on sale to get rid of them. Hence the 75% off. 

Same goes for Carters. I find that coats fit generously and getting the year before usually works out just fine. I get Sammy a coat and a fleece. Since I love him to have a North Face fleece I always get after its been marked down and used more often than not! We also use vests from Osh Kosh and generally get a fleece vest from Carters too. I like to have a couple of options because our weather is really strange.

Target, Carters, and Etsy are great places for hats. Buy one that comes down over the ears so you don't need extra coverage such as ear muffs that will never stay on. Their hands are still really small but Carters and Target both have mittens and gloves for wee hands. Get the toddler size in the hat so you can use it a couple of  years. They wash pretty well- just don't use the dryer! I do generally buy a couple of hats. They are cute and I cannot  help myself.

Planning ahead is really your friend here! I don't have two coats for Sammy, I usually have two of everything so one can be in the wash and the other can be in use "just in case". <-- That is the story of my life! But I usually get just one coat.

Please also remember coats and seatbelts don't mix. I have a remote start and start the car before we get in. I put his hat and mittens on and a blanket. Then put his coat on like a blanket. We put it on right before we get out of the car. Sammy is still rear-facing so it all stays tucked in pretty well. I hope forward facing I am not picking it up a bunch.

Sammy in his Hawes  & Co coat with a Target hat!

Don't forget sunglasses. Snow can make things very bright! Also please consider donating your child's coat to a charity that speaks to you, after they outgrow it! There are too many kiddos without warm winter gear.

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