Thursday, October 17, 2013


Sammy + Trains


This is my son Samuel. He's nearly three. I wanted a place to document his adorableness. And a place to showcase that little boys fashion can be just as fun as little girl fashion. I love dressing him and showing off that awesome kid. We have a ton of interests and I was hesitant about starting a blog about such a topic really. Our lives are short. I want to make the most of it but that being said we're not shallow. He reads a million books (well I read to him but semantics!) There are million topics I am passionate about in regards to parenting. We are actually pretty "crunchy". Sammy is cloth diapered and we do a lot of toddlerwearing.  I am doing this because fashion is something that is fun and accessible for moms. Sometimes after that C section or amazing home birth (we had the former), you don't feel like shopping for yourself. Little kid clothes are always cute, and buying them makes me feel instantly excited to fawn over my offspring!

This is place for me to compare brands and tell others of coupon codes and how I am able to dress Samuel in what I love for less. Fit and sizing are often confusing when online shopping and I hope to DE-mystify that for everyone. Please feel free to reach out for anything. I love sharing the tips I've learned the hard way. I view motherhood as a community and we should strive to lift each other up.

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