Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inexpensive Basics to Make a Wardrobe Pop

Good clothing can be expensive. And giving your child the look you'd like them to have can really get pricey. I generally focus on one thing when I'm dressing Sammy. He will have on great shoes (red laces!) or a cool sweater from Boden. Something special. Generally I go ahead and pair those items with basics so the interesting item can shine. Also my son is cute, as all of our children are- and I don't want the clothes wearing him. I typically tone down anything with pairing it with a basic item.

Some places I like for basics are just everyday stores. The $4 pants from Target, Circo brand. Old Navy has inexpensive jeans during their sales, The Children's Place and Consignment stores are all excellent places to look for timeless pieces you'll get your money out of. I love to get these things the season or year before on clearance. Jeans aren't going out of style. When you have a good coupon make use of it. Always be working on the next size up wardrobe.

Boy fashions I feel, are pretty stable for a while- trends are slow to come and slow to leave. Right now bright colors and pattern are on trend. But these little kiddos need clothing they can wear outside and get dirty. So it serves two purposes to get clothing that you really don't hate to send them to daycare/school in. You are going to let their own cuteness shine, and it won't break your heart when the knees are ripped out.

I hope this helps save a bit of money and helps you feel more in control while shopping. I know we'd all love to just buy out Nordy's and get whatever our hearts' desire but the truth is that when we focus on interesting pieces and use discount tactics to get awesome pieces - we won't feel deprived at all! And the best part is that our kids are amazing human beings that could rock a paper sack.

Sammy is wearing a great button up from Osk Kosh Target. The print is really vibrant. It was $14 which is more than I typically pay for many items. He wears this with some khakis that were gifted and Toms that I got off of Entire outfit cost me under $50 which isn't awful. I like that the print has a lot of colors that i can bring out. I am buying some colored jeans shortly so stay posted! I intend to work in colored pants into a toddler's wardrobe and not let them overwhelm the overall look. <3

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