Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Break in Regularily Scheduled Programming!

This week has taken me by storm. Sammy fell and sprained his ankle. We had a couple of mad rush around town days dealing with that.

Made me do some thinking about priorites. When you have to miss work due to a child's illness-  you kind of see things in a new light. Who is supportive and who you have supported in the past. How everything seems to kind of fade away when you have to get your child seen at their pediatrician or they really need you. My first priority is to be a great mom. I do try to place my marriage above everything else in my life but so often my husband needs me to be a good wife by taking off of work to care for our son. Just interesting feelings.

Sammy is back in action. We went to Stride Rite to get a pair of very supportive shoes. Of course right- I was worried his Target boots could exacerbate the problem. That was a total experience. Seriously this world needs more trained & knowledgeable people regarding shoes. But all in all we were able to get him a pair of supportive shoes and out of there back for a nap. They were $51. I did not have a coupon, and I was not happy camper.

Luckily Thanksgiving is coming up. I have some great ideas for Sammy's outfit and can't wait to share!

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