Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday started out pretty cold. I paired a nice sweater from Oshkosh with jeans and red shoes. I put a little red shirt under in case he was too warm. This sweater is currently at Target. Tuesday was just a simple outfit from Carters- khakis and a graphic tee. I really love anything bear or fox related right now. (Hartley has some to die for cute bear jammies I am lusting over) Wednesday is a simple grey sweater- I have a similar one to this from OshKosh Target. I just put it with dark pants and lighter boots. This sweater pictured is from Boden. I like those boots but be careful with a pull on. Sometimes with little feet it can be quite the feat. Thursday is a set from Carters. I will put him in this tomorrow. Easy and cute. The pants are very comfortable. I will probably put his red converse with this to give it a pop of color and a bit of creativity. Friday Sammy will be wearing his pajamas on the train! I could not find the exact ones we have- actually it was hard to find anything similar. His are red Thomas ones and I will do a little post on them probably Saturday.

Mom tip! Bogs. A friend of mine recommended these to me, she is from the Pacific Northwest and it rains and gets quite cold there. I knew I needed something for the snow and rain here, our climate is very unpredictable. These bogs are kind of a rain boot/snow boot combo. I like that they are flexible and he can move around quite well, and they keep his feet toasty. Good buy. Pricey but well worth it. And since you only need one pair- its not AS bad. :)

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