Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing #3! I've had a blast dressing Sammy this week. He is so darned cute. Every mom thinks that I know! Monday it was still nice enough out that he didn't need to bundle up. I just had him in a little pair of jeans and a graphic tee. The one shown is from Boden, but I think ours was from Target. Similar but I saved $! I love vests as we all know! They really are a great layering piece. Tuesday was pretty laid back- hoodie and navy pants with some red chucks. Fairly certain the socks were dump trucks that probably did not match!
Wednesday I went all out! This morning I put him in a pair of cords with a cute OshKosh button down. I put a sweatshirt on over for added warmth. It was like 24 this morning. Tomorrow will be some grey jeans with a graphic tee and Friday sweater with jeans! Pretty easy this week. I've been happy with the clothes I selected and felt like we're easing into the 3T size well. I put the Carters jeans on just to see and they are much larger than the Boden's we love and longer as well. So they are probably going to sit in the closet for a while.

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