Friday, November 22, 2013

Carters Sale this Weekend!

I received a coupon for Carter's 30% off. Now is the time to go and save. I plan on spending about $100. I save $30 when I do that and hope to use coupons to get the rest down. I will post a video of the haul tomorrow. This is the time to really save. They have a mix of short and long sleeves so if you get some great items you will get that next size knocked out!

This shirt is really cute!
These green chinos are a must!
This windbreaker is adorable. Size up and wear for two years!
These jammies are so cute on!
This plaid shirt is really flexible. Chinos or jeans would look great.

Sorry about the links! Carters is not letting me use their photos. If anyone knows a way around that- shout it out!

Head over to the store! Get yourself some goodies. I know I will!

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