Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

This week we were really low key. Since its the big birthday! I wanted things to be easy because I had prep work to do in so many other areas. I am really big into the layered shirt look for Sammy. It just is his style. I love it with his chucks or boots with red laces. Friday I will do a button down to break it up a bit. 
I realized I forgot to put him in his birthday shirt. I am really annoyed at myself. I will stick it on Saturday when we're having a very small family party. Monday's shirt I really love from Target. I had to have that when I saw it. It looks great on. I ordered a pair of Gap skinnies for him so be on the lookout for that. Both outfits I am hoping to do more of an in depth post on.
This week is kind of getting the best of me. The laundry sitch at our house is bad. I have a ton of dirty clothes, and clean clothes that need to be put away. Towels are dirty and need to be washed but I want to get the clothes done first. Sammy grew out of some of his cloth diapers so those have to be sanitized and put away for when we decide to have another kiddo. So... crazytown at my place. We'll get it. I am trying to focus on having a good week so we're just in dig out of the laundry basket with a smile on your face mode right now. 
This post is actually a day late. I wanted to spent time doing this- and I am not attempting to do this on my ipad... So when I had some free time today at the desktop was my better bet. I thought I would make it great instead of make it fast! 

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