Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Skull Prints & Your Little Dude

Skull Prints. I think you either love them or hate them. We love pirate type things. We had an all out pirate themed first birthday for Sammy. You know the over the top pinterest kind that really get other moms up in arms.

 It just is fun and a bit rock and roll. I think you have to be careful buying little boy clothing with too much skull on it, because it can turn into a "too adult" quickly and kind of take over the overall look of your child's wardrobe. I honestly found that we were better able to pull it off the younger Sammy was. Now that he is older, we have to be more careful because he's not infant cute to balance it out. I feel it is kind of going a bit out of style unless incorporated into a wardrobe with just and hint and pop of it there.

 For example, Gap does a great job of adding in pops of skull prints without it being too overwhelming. I like for the overall look of Sammy's wardrobe to be varied and unexpected. The shirt below is by Amy Coe. She has a line in Babies R Us. I really do like the line. The price is higher than I like to pay. If its on sale, or I find something I just have to have, I grab it and use their 20% off coupons. But I prefer BuyBuyBaby and don't go in there too often these days. The quality is good, this shirt is very soft and has held up really well. There is an attention to detail that I admire about that brand, this shirt the back is printed as well. The little tag on the sleeve gives it a little something extra. I'd say if you are drawn to skulls- check her out. And give Gap a whirl. There's always a sale online at Gap.

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