Monday, November 18, 2013


Weekend Recap.

This weekend we were insanely lazy. Saturday we trekked an hour away to the mall in a nearby town. I had a gift card for yarn I needed to use for Christmas Knitting. Score there!

Then we walked around the mall a bit. I brought Sammy in the Bugaboo Bee and fell in love with it all over again. It has the rider board behind it. He won't sit in the stroller anymore so this is basically a life saver. He did dart off, and Tim was pretty mad but overall it really helps him stay with us while granting a bit of freedom. Sammy will get there.

On Saturday he just wore a pair of Carters jeans and red sweatshirt from Target. I stuck his little red chucks on and called it a day. We hit up Old Navy and they had socks for $1. I got 5 because we've been running out lately. They didn't have anything else worth calling home about boy section wise. I honestly had carte blanche to spend and got nothing. Says something about Old Navy for little boys. Or nothing because that's about how much energy I feel they spend into boy clothing. How are they so closely related to Gap where I find way more.

Yesterday Sammy was inside all day- we had a lazy Saturday and he wore his diaper. Pretty much all day after taking off jammies. Can't get more real than that. Cannot believe tomorrow I will have a three year old. Where does the time go. He's getting a LeapPad2- I need something entertainment wise for the car and this seemed decent. And it fit into his hands. We have a very long car trip coming up for Christmas.

Sammy & the Pink Panther

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