Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where to Find Great Little Boy Jammies!

We use a ton of pajamas! You would think that I never do laundry. Well that is not quite true! I find that the pants and shirts walk away from each other and I end up needing more than I thought I did to get through the week. I am a working mom (redundant phrase!) and after work I typically don't do laundry. And putting it away is pretty much the bane of my existence. So I am going to share how many jammies we end up needing per size, and where we find cute items that I enjoy putting my son into.

We typically get ours from Carters. They have held up wonderfully and the fleece looks great even after they're outgrown. Hand me down quality. Their sets of two are great too- you just need to size up, they run about a size small I've found. Target and Walmart both carry great lines and the quality appears to be very similar to the Carters retail line. I have found the fleece footed jammies from these places does run a bit smaller- but not much. Again this is good to know when kids are growing and need to start sizing up. That next size in Target or Walmart Carters will fit before the retail Carters.

Old Navy and Gap have really adorable jammies too. But the price point is a bit higher. The quality isn't quite as great so I usually pass. If that have a really cute pair or I have a coupon that really helps.

If your son is around potty training age- you might want to reconsider the fleece footed jammies. They make a shirt with fleece bottoms for older kids that might work better. Fleece holds in moisture so its kinda nice to have a extra layer from your sheets as boys get older and wake up wet sometimes. Sammy isn't to keen on this potty learning thing so... we use the fleece footed jammies.

Don't buy anything without a dedicated mate. The three pack with shorts, pants, and one shirt is pretty much the most aggravating idea ever. Unless its on a great sale, or you have a shirt you'd like to use already- waste of a garment. Just buy the two sets of jammies package.

Extra mom tip* If your child has a cough- vicks vapor rub really helps. I use that and rub generously on his feet and stick those fleece jammies on over. The warmth is good to help him sleep and he can't get it off like he can with socks.

We typically buy
4 Fleece Footed Jammies! I like for at least one to have crazy feet.
2 packages of the two packs in shorts & short sleeved shirts. For hot nights.
3 packages of the two packs in long sleeves almost always from Carters!
1 Christmas set of Jammies. We celebrate and this is important for Polar Express.

** The Christmas jammies I buy in a larger size and we wear for two years. They're red Thomas the Tank jammies  that are adorable. Hopefully I get some great pics of those this weekend. We are taking Sammy on the Polar Express train ride and he could not be more excited!

A few great places to find jammies!
* Hatley
* Boden
* Babies R Us
* Target
* Walmart

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