Monday, November 4, 2013

Review! Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Costume.

This year we purchased our Halloween costume from Pottery Barn Kids. I was skeptical because they are kinda pricey. Each costume is only used once (most of the time) and doesn't come large enough to wear again the next year.

I love the book, Where the Wild Things Are and knew that I wanted Sammy to be Max just once before he had his own opinion. Pottery Barn was one of the only places that actually have the costume so we knew we had to get it there. I kind of wish we'd waited a bit because the sales came closer to Halloween - but I didn;t know sizing and also wasn't sure how many of each were stocked. So we've had the costume about a month.

Honestly- it was worth it. The costume is hand me down quality. It was warm and held up great. I know I can wash it and use it again if we have the opportunity. The little treat bag we ordered was great also. The sizing was a bit small- my son is in a 3T and the 2-3T was just perfect. If your child has been in the 3T for longer you'd need to size up. Since the costume had little feet I knew we had to be pretty close on this one.

PBKs gets two thumbs up! Pics are posted below of Sammy enjoying his time out as Max!

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