Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well... Train Plans Derailed.

I intended to post today about Sammy's train outfit. I wanted to show you how adorable he looked in those red jammies with the red lightening McQueen slippers that he loves so much- but plans change sometimes.

Friday we headed down to the town that hosts the Polar Express event. We were so excited. After checking into the hotel- my dad let me know he was going to the ticket office early to get our tickets so we could relax and not fuss after dinner and rush.

My dad calls to let me know the lady he spoke to earlier in the month had given him the wrong date- that we were to go December 8th not November 8th. The train sells out months in advance- there is nothing they can do for us. I felt horrible for my dad. And really scared Sammy would get upset after we've told him all week that he was riding the train. He's three- he does not understand these kinds of things.

So... We told him the train had an ouchie. We took him to see the train right after it came in from the last ride- he didn't get that the other kids were getting off, he thought they were there to see it same as he was. It worked out pretty well. He loved seeing the train and was excited that he could come back when the train was "all better". We ended up going to dinner and enjoying ourselves with some delish Chicago style pizza. Sammy ran from room to room in the hotel and we gleaned some fabulous tips to make our December trip amazing. It really was nice to have a practice run. And honestly my whole family needed time away.

On Saturday we woke up and headed back to the train before it started running for the day. Sammy was able to see the train and cars, caboose and hop onto all of the platforms. I was so happy we decided to stick it out and make his trip as special as possible during both trips. From a little guy's perspective- it was all to plan and he had a blast. <3 Just goes to show you that kids are generally ok if you are.

Sammy wore his moose hat with an OshKosh vest. I put him in a Thomas shirt with some Cherokee green pants. He ended up being plenty warm for the 50 degree weather and looked adorable. Warning on the Thomas shirt currently available from Target - the arms are crazy long. Longer then the rest of it really - fits everywhere but the arms. I am really loving these vests. He can move freely but they are warm!

Sammy at the Polar Express!

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