Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Easy Ways to Make an Outfit Pop

Boy clothing is so much fun. No one ever tells you that because all people are worked up about telling you that "there are just no cute things for little boys" OR "girl clothing is such so much cuter".

Well to that I say- No way jack. First of all- boy clothing is amazing. With creativity and imagination boy clothing is just as fun a girl's clothing and there is a multitude of great clothing for all children. That is really my underlying reason for this blog. To show that boy fashion is rewarding and just as awesome as girl fashion.

That being said- I think the main difference is that boy clothing you sometimes need to think outside of the box and use little tricks to make the outfits pop. There are a couple of tricks we like to make outfits pop- color, shoes, and accessories. Boy's clothing is very versatile and using little tricks you can get a lot of mileage out of your pieces.

Color- find out what colors look great on your child. My son is a red-head so I am really careful about putting red on him. It has to be the perfect hue for it to look great. Yellow and orange can also be hit or miss. Brown and Blue always look amazing. I try to get basic pieces with a little bit of a twist or color. It just adds a little something extra to his outfits. For example- I love a bright undershirt or a jacket in a bold blue color to set off his hair. Just little changes to really make his coloring stand out.

Pattern- Stipes, Aztec, and tribal inspired prints are really trendy right now. I think it makes a great statement to get something that has some of those elements without being too gimmicky. Carters right now has some vests with that in the lining and just a bit shows through. Then it really is an updated basic item. Make each piece of clothing work for you. Basics with some flare.

Shoes- To me shoes are one of the best items to change up a wardrobe. Sammy's red chucks really change a t shirt and jeans into a great look while a pair of plain sneakers the outfit would go into a different direction entirely. For boys shoes really make the outfit since their clothing is less flashy. His stride rite boots really make all of his outfits have more of an outdoorsy/adventure look without being over the top North Face. They are a great investment.

Accessories- hats, scarves, socks, vests- little  things that add another layer to their outfit really help. It can also help them not look as mature- a bear hat still says toddler after a fresh haircut! We all have those moments where toddlers get a haircut or put on a new shirt and you stand back and see a little boy instead of a baby. Put that hat on! Its like a little bandaid for your heart.

Don't be afraid to grab an outfit totally out of your norm. Mix it up a bit and if you don't love it- send it to someone who you think may.

Hope this helps get you in the mood to mix up your kiddos winter wardrobe with fun basics. 

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