Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Playdate Tips- and fashion!

How to make your playdates go better!

Sammy is on a playdate all time high! We're really enjoying getting out there with other moms and exploring the world of playdates. Some tips I've accumulated quickly.

* Put on cute socks. On everyone. You end up shoeless so often.
* Nothing fussy for clothes. You look kinda silly if you are really dressed up. I try to limit Sammy to something fashionable and one basic so we don't look like we are trying way too hard!
* All weather shoes that they can run in are best. I use Sammy's Stride Rite shoes - they are waterproof, and have good support.
* Layers are your friend! They get hot. Its cold out. In summer I would suggest putting on something you can layer onto if it is colder inside. Maybe bring babylegs or a light jacket? Museums can be chilly.
* Fix their hair. You will probably have time to obsess about this.
* Come prepared. Pack that diaper bag with a change of clothes, a diaper or two and an emergency snack. Make sure that snack can feed everyone there. Granola bars, goldfish crackers. Some cash. Just plan ahead.
* If you are hosting make sure you have something to eat and drink handy so the kids don't get over hungry and you're panicky.

I usually send out a quick "Thank you" on facebook after the playdate if I was not hosting. Everyone is happy. The snow isn't impacting our ability to socialize too much lately and that's a win in my book!

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