Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mom Tip- Stock Up for Size Up!

Now is a great time to get into the stores you love for basics and get the next size up!

Target has a bunch of their Genuine Kids (OshKosh) on sale. The pants are insane right now. Super cute! Carters and OshKosh both have great sales and Gap & Old Navy have like 30% off.

Here are some easy tips to use:
1) 2-3 Pairs of jeans and 1-2 pairs of colored pants. Khakis and some colored jeans sound great!
2) We're in prime coat sale time.
3) Staple the receipt to the tags and store in the back of the closet. A lot of places will do a return later if it does not fit.
4) Promptly try the item on your kiddo to make sure it is actually a full size larger.
5) Bring a well fitting T shirt and pair of pants to the store to make sure the sizing is consistent. I usually just make sure I have one solid inch of room all around and buy if it meets that criteria.
6) Do not buy anything trendy. Chevron is starting to get stale and you don't want to hate that shirt next year. Its not a great deal if it's never worn.

Hope this helps you save some $$$!

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