Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Using Babylegs After Infancy.. For Boys.

I feel like after the title of this post should be a dun. dun. dun......
Like boys and legwarmers. No way right?

So I love them. I make them with target knee socks. I buy them from Babylegs and they were amazing for that 0-12 month stage for a baby. We cloth diapered and there is a stage where leaks are a part of your life. They saved my laundry a ton. I have a lot of them and I am saving them for that one day when we have another child. I never really put them away because they are a useful part of Sammy's wardrobe.

Here I list some ways that we are getting every dollar we can out of those babylegs. I am sure my husband appreciates this as I have probably 30 pairs. To be fair I made a lot of those pairs. Lots of men think that they are silly for a boy, but I am so glad my husband viewed them as cool and functional. He's been behind me all of the way- be it cloth diapering or fashion choices for Sammy. So here are the ways we have made these work after they are basically pants.

1) Under pants. This is just another layer that helps the warm stay in. It also helps that sitting-pants ride up exposed ankle problem. I try to stick on a looser pair of pants so he's not constricted.

2) Under shorts. April, May or even some of the later Summer/Early Fall months it can be very cool in the morning but much warmer after lunch. I tend to put Sammy in a pair of shorts and put the babylegs on. They go to the knee and are a nice solution. Then he is not hot and can strip them down.

3) Make short sleeved shirts fall appropriate. You can layer them on arms. I find the newborn size are better for this. Sammy is only three so I am sure we have a long time of being able to do this one.

4) Get ahold of your PJs and make those shorts go into Fall this way. They are pretty comfy. I think they are really great for this because often you get that Carters 4 pack of jammies that is short sleeves and shorts. Well... now you have another set of long sleeves and long pants if need be. It can help you pack more minimally on a vacation or help you get fewer pieces for nightwear.

5) Potty Training. This is probably my favorite way. While Sammy is learning to use the potty- he needs to be able to undress himself. This just makes it easier. He puts on his big boy Thomas the Train undies and then some babylegs. He can pull down the undies and not worry about his pants. Also its Winter and cold out so this helps us keep him warm while he is trying to make it all work. I love how silly he looks around the house.

6)And lastly a really weird way to use them... As a sock bun for Mama!

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