Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spring Collection -Carters

Spring Collection -Carters

This is probably what I will get from Carters. There are a couple of sets that are not pictured I am debating on. I have already purchased the Most Eligible Bachelor shirt and a whale shirt with two sets of socks yesterday. The Little Dude shirt is so adorable I will probably get that in every size they have. They have some shirts in store not pictured I liked- and their jammies are pretty cute. I am well stocked on jammies so I am getting the sets I like in a 5T here and at Gap and just holding onto them. 
Their sets are really my favorite - and they do have 2-3 cute ones for Spring. The rain jacket I think will look really cute. I may try to find just a yellow one to match Sammy's bogs. They were having a buy one get one free sock sale so I stocked up. I have gotten probably 10 pairs of socks lately but we lose them and I detest a sock hunt!

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