Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- I am still pretty obsessed with this Gap sweater. Just some layering to help keep Sammy warm. Cute jeans. I wanted him to have special outfit for a dreary Monday. Sadly those hunter boots are a pipe dream.  They're $50 which is pretty much going to be spent on other things. So... I can dream and put them here so you all can decide if they are worth the money. Which they are- just I have so many items on my wish list I have to make the cut somewhere.
Tuesday- We stayed home and Sammy stayed in his jammies! :) They were the super cute space ones from Carters. I know he was warm and snuggly because there was a LOT of couch time while we watched Milo & Otis on repeat.
Wednesday- Layers- always layers with this polar vortex crap. Kinda reminds me of El Nino when everything was blamed on that. So a nice Genuine Kids zip up over a cute shirt. He was bundled in a coat and hat with a scarf. Poor little dude probably could barely walk.
Thursday-Its cold. I have him in lined camo pants from Carters. He has a nice warm cotton tee on under his Genuine Kids sweater. This is pretty thick so he should be warm. The Boden shirts this year are really hilarious. They have this British Tee line that is just so perfect. Boden to me is the perfect amount of whimsy that I feel like boys can get away with!
Friday! OMG I cannot wait until Friday. Who is with me? Seriously longest week ever already. I am sticking him in some lined pants from Carters. I need a break from the grey sweater phase I am in! I will put him in a nice plaid (too bad I don't have that amazing one from Tea Collection yet) and a nice fleece vest. These from Carters are so cute. And they have nice pop of Aztec pattern which is working for me!

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