Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tea Collection- Review Spring 2014

Tea Collection- Review Spring 2014

I was blown away by the Tea Collection catalog I received recently. 

These are the items I will buy. The first being a great bright sweatshirt that will look great with Sammy's complexion. They also have it in a wonderful grey. I love the quality of their clothing. Great handmedown quality. 
The second- amazing plaid. Just a cute spin on the traditional. It makes it fresh and bright. Just really amazed by the attention to detail and color pallet. Thirdly, a great print on this cute shirt. They typically have a geographical location they select and this is Marrakesh. I love the colors- I could easily pair some colored jean or khakis and make this shirt pop.
The elephant shirt is really cool. I love the sporty stripe take as a chevron. Nice way to bring a popular trend into boy's clothing. I love the green that is bright but not that standard green that I see so much of nearer to this time of year. 
Lastly is something a bit outside of my comfort zone. I think I would put this with just khakis or really go for it with Sammy's mustard jeans. The print is really cool and I think it would translate well in family pictures.
Word to the wise on Tea Collection- it can run small. My tip is to get their tops and get shorts and jeans from less expensive places. The prices aren't insane but they're not cheap. But the quality is there so you'll be able to get a lot of use out of each item. 

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