Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little Skye Review

I get a ton of kids clothing catalogs - mostly because I buy a lot of kids clothes. But more than that- I am a fashion blogger and I am sure that puts me on a lot of mailings. A lot of these are only for girl clothes and that doesn't help me. The only person getting children's clothing in our home is Sammy.

The one I am reviewing today did have more of a boho- cool feel that got me excited. The cover drew me in. The fonts were promising and the graphics were something that looked like our style. The layout of the catalog is frankly lame. I thought at first this was only a girls catalog when I flipped through and every page I saw was girls. I decided to bring with me so I could check it out when I had some free time just in case. They do have boys clothing but everything is thrown together and not clearly marked so finding what you're looking for is pretty rough. I have limited time- I need to know what you have quickly.

Review is as follows, First-they mixed boys and girls clothing so you have a hard time finding your "section". Secondly- there aren't many boys looks. The ones that are there are cute but extremely overpriced. We adored the Swift Arrow shirt and the Waves shirt but at $30+ that is really an expensive shirt.Yipes. I would love to see if it looked great on Sammy because the brand has a fresh look and colors do look like they would compliment his skin tone. Third, the girls stuff is way cuter than the boys. The girls clothing have fun, fresh patterns and really mix it up. The boys doesn't have that kind of time spent from what I have seen. Lastly, I didn't really see where it paid to shop with them. No rewards program?

Shipping wasn't free even for a first time buyer and no obligatory 20% off if this is your first time. Even with 20% off that shirt is way overpriced for a simple slub cotton looking tee. The best thing I saw was that they accepted paypal which is pretty much mommy currency. I think more places should accept that - it makes sense.

I have no idea if the clothes are worth that money- I am not willing to pay over $30 to find out if I should recommend this brand to my readers. The paypal part kind of makes me think they may be worth a second look because accepting paypal is a great way to make your brand accessible to moms who often buy and sell items online using paypal and that is the most readily available form of payment they have.

They can be found online here.

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