Monday, January 27, 2014

Little Dude... Has Great Mornings!

So for the last few months- mornings have been chaotic and unhappy. I have been the cause. I have been doing things wrong in the morning. So.. Here I will let you in on the secrets that have turned my mornings into blissful time with my three year old son.

So background. My husband leaves at the crack of dawn for his work. I need to get myself and my son ready every morning and care for the cat. I have really long hair. I am a chronic oversleeper and hate getting up. I also am a timewaster on my iPad pretty much every morning.

So... Here are the things we're doing to get us happy and going in the mornings.

1) When I wake up I give myself x amount of minutes to play on my iPad and wake up. I have to plan for success and part of that is just admitting to myself that I need that me time first thing. If I were to cut this out completely I would totally rebel against myself and be even more chaotic.
2) I usually shower the night before or I don't let myself hit the snooze button. The hair takes a while to work on. I let myself hit the snooze button if I have showered the night before. As soon as I gave myself a time I needed to have everything done by, I can adjust a little here and there to add stuff in or take stuff out.
3) I give myself a "drop dead time" that I need to be completely dressed and everything assembled by. That time is when I get Sammy out of bed. I usually have in hand when I get him up a diaper, socks and shoes, and his complete outfit. That cuts down on time looking for something to match. I often pick this out the night before and have it outside his door. Less in the morning to figure out is best.
4) I have a plan for breakfast the night before. I really have a plan for everything. I may not lay out my clothes but I know for sure what I am wearing. I also ask my husband what he is wearing so I have that done too. We pack lunches the night before as well.
5) I give Sammy at least 30 mins to play and eat breakfast before we have to get out of the house. He needs time in the morning just like I do - he needs to play and watch some Thomas or Milo. Just time where he feels like someone is not in his face asking him to move quickly.
6) Breakfast is usually waffles. The husband usually makes waffles once every week or so and we make a bunch of extras and stick them in the freezer. I toast them and that's Sammy's breakfast. I also have time to make pancakes quickly or eggs. Just something fast but I have a plan for it. That's my secret. I have a plan. While Sammy eats his breakfast, I eat mine. We sit together and talk and enjoy the morning. Who knew.

Before last week I was in to work every day about 8:30ish. Now I am there about 8:00 and we aren't rushing and before it was chaos. I am loving life! This is really working for us!

Hope this helps you to make mornings a bit more calm and have that little time you have together before the busy day starts be quality and great time!

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